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Welcome to
The Mediumship Circle

Spirit is all around us, here and now, and to connect with Spirit is a gift that all of us have because we are Spirit.  We may not know this, or perhaps we doubt this reality based on the ideas and traditions of our families, communities and society at large.  Yet, when we are ready to listen and respond to the call of Spirit, we find ourselves on a spiritual path that leads us deeper into who we really are and into relationship with the Love that is within and all around us.

Mediumship is a Service of Love that helps us to understand that consciousness continues after physical death, and a medium is an intermediary between the client (or sitter) and the Spirit World, an eternal dimension filled with Love, Peace and Wisdom that we may access to contact Loved Ones, Guides and Divine Source.


As the medium opens a connection with the Spirit World, a bridge between the physical and non-physical worlds is formed and communication across the veil becomes possible.  Contact with Loved Ones who have passed offers an opporunity for healing, comfort, resolution and a greater understanding of life.


Whether you are a practicing medium, seeking training to become a medium or ready to contact Loved Ones who have passed, The Mediumship Circle has something to offer you for healing and personal development.  I invite you to explore the services and classes that I offer, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

~ Jeremy

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