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Intuitional Development Part One

"Jeremy Werner invited me to take his class on intuition.  I did….

It turned out that his class is a journey – almost a quest that revealed parts of myself I did not know or understand very well.  He taught me gentle ways to process and release old beliefs and coping skills that opened paths to new wisdom and life skills I did not know I had.  He guided me and the rest of the class to places that our culture does not even have the words or the concepts to talk about and capitalize on.  If you are a pioneer – a person searching for the next unchartered space to discover – “The Intuition Class” could offer you the challenge and the opportunity to grow and expand you are looking for.   

T.S. Elliott said, 'We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.'  The class taught me about myself and my capacity for understanding, wisdom, and utilizing internal resources that made my life brighter,

kinder, and larger."

- Norela Harrington, 2024



Spirit Communication Part One


"All I can say is this is an experience I will never forget.  All of the work Jeremy did in developing the class PowerPoint, the homework material, the narratives for development practices and video referrals far EXCEEDED my expectations.  Jeremy Werner is a Master Teacher and Leader in the field.  I am blessed to have participated and experienced such tremendous growth of my mediumship gift that will live on."

- Luci, 2023



"The Spirit Communication Part 1 class is well organized instruction in what mediumship is and clear steps for preparing oneself for opening up and eventually making contact with the Spirits of those who have passed. I really enjoyed learning and practicing in this Zoom class, and the opportunities to share experiences among the students developed a wonderful sense of unity among us. What really surprised me about this class was how effective it was

in guiding us to actually seeing and communicating with spirits by the end of one 6-week class! By the last week I easily slipped into the Spirit World

and saw and communicated. I was amazed and transformed by this experience. Jeremy is an excellent teacher and his enthusiasm for all of his classes, and especially this one, is contagious. I am eager to continue to the other classes in this series."

- Terry Long, 2023

"At the beginning of this course, I was a bit skeptical to see evidence and results.  But with the guidance of Jeremy, my opinion turned 180 degrees. The course is a step by step formula which will connect you to the spirit world, see new things and experience new insights.  I can say from my experience, it’s highly entertaining, and the course is worth it."

- Mr. S. Lee, Energy Healer & Acupuncturist, Amsterdam, 2023

"As is his way, Jeremy holds space for this group learning with glistening integrity. Spirit Communication Part One: Fundamental Principles of Mediumship is permeated with this integrity from start to finish. It quickly becomes clear that the personal development necessary to become a clear conduit for Spirit Messages can be accessed by anyone who is called to do so. The classes are clearly laid out and beautifully layered for deepened learning each week. Jeremy has skillfully created a path, using clear language and tangible practice that can be as powerfully replicated independently, as it is in class - empowering continued, relevant and independent learning outside of the group. I am grateful to be a part of, and look forward to continuing my Meduimship development with If you have been called to do this work, I invite you to walk this way for a sure-footed approach into the world of Sprirt."


-Heather-Ann deLaune Trevorrow, 2023

Spirit Communication Part Two

"Jeremy’s integrity and ability to teach me to develop a structured foundation helped me to embrace sacred practices that have helped me immensely to grow and confidently feel safe to trust myself, my intuition and build upon my own individual gifts with fundamental learnings so that I can answer my soul’s calling and finally harmonize with my desire to serve. I find myself tongue tied and yet joyfully amidst a giant run on sentence to truly express my gratitude and exuberance to share all my learnings. His class experiences, sessions and development groups are truly the best gift one can give themselves, and I am humbled and grateful beyond measure for all my experiences and the generosity of his unconditional commitment to lead with integrity, patience, mastery and consistent reliability.  Jeremy’s teachings have helped me progress light years ahead in my own spiritual curriculum, discover and develop my own unique gifts more fully, and since each class and individual session builds seamlessly on the one before, he subtly teaches us as students, to fly without us ever even knowing we had developed wings!"

- Katie, 2024

“These classes are absolutely a requirement for broadening your knowledge base and growing as a medium.  No doubt about it.  Without these classes, I would not be able to take an innate gift and share it with those that wish to hear from loved ones on the other side.  These classes have helped me grow my confidence, improve my ability to make the connection and access those that have gone before who are waiting for their messages to be delivered in love.”

- Luci, 2024

"This class has been a beautiful continuation of the Fundamentals class. What is unique to me about this program continues to be the opportunity for rapid personal development through the ongoing healings, ceremonies and upgrades with the Board of Knowledge. I believe this additional support has facilitated a quickened shift from the experience of thinking about Spirit to a rich, grounded and felt-experience of blending with Spirit. Even as I am at the beginning of my journey, in just six short weeks, I am more sure of my sacredness and have developed an unwavering faith in my ability to ignite the power within myself to help the Spirit World."  


-Heather-Ann, 2024

Spirit Communication Part Three

Mediumship is a gift. We all have a built-in system that is accessible if we choose. Spirit Communication classes have given me an excellent foundation so that I can grow, connect, and be a conduit as a medium for people who wish to receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over.

Love doesn’t goes on.

-Luci, 2024

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